The Artists of The Walls

Eight local professional & amateur artists were chosen for our May installation. Each artist chose the content of their piece, & created incredible 8’x8’ murals. Read below for information about the artists & their pieces.

Sequin City.jpg

Alex Vaughn, “Sequin City”

All Alex Vaughn really wants is to be the student body president of the world. Until that position opens up, she considers herself a creative generalist. Formally trained as a graphic designer, she works for Domo during the day and by night she spends her time on passion projects. Over the past few years she has painted several murals for Downtown Provo, directed music videos, started the 2 day music festival Buzzards & Bees, and countless other endeavors. to keep up with the latest, check out her work @aevaughn.

I knew I wanted to make a piece that would interact with the elements and the viewer. I wanted to somehow make an installation that was different every time you looked at it. Sequin City is special to me because it does just that — and if you visit it on a quiet day with a slight breeze, it even makes the most charming sound as the sequins flutter.


Annie Farley

Annie Farley is an in-house artist at the Sundance Art Studio. Annie works with poured paint, building images layer by later and painting with a palette knife to bring life and texture to her work.


Ava Liv, “Tribe”

Ava Mabry lives in Springville, Utah, has three brothers, and recently turned thirteen years old. She is passionate about a lot of things and art is definitely one of them.

She recently was selling art on her Instagram to help pay for voice lessons when the Garcia family approached her and asked to collaborate on this piece. She knew immediately that it was something she wanted to be involved on. They came up with the concept and put it down on paper and made this painting in four days! This art work is special to Ava because it is for suicide prevention, which is such an important thing. She’s also excited about the opportunity to move to Nashville in November to pursue her music career.

Unshaken Under the Western Sun.jpg

Callie Sweeten, “Unshaken Under the Western Sun”

Callie Sweeten is a half Danish half American seventeen year old. She has been creating art ever since she can remember. Whether it’s oil painting, sculpting, or making stop motion movies, I spend as much time as I can creating art.

Growing up in Utah, red rock and desert landscapes have always been an inspiration when I’m creating art pieces. This mural is entitled “Unshaken Under the Western Sun.” I wanted to create an adventurous feeling with a living cactus in a realistic scene. I also wanted to bring that classic Wild West feel into my art. I used only primary colors, so the mural really popped and came to life.


Cole Eisenhour

Cole Eisenhour is a US based artist specializing in portrait drawing and painting. He graduated from Utah valley University with a BS in Art and Visual Communications. Using simple materials, Eisenhour creates a visual interpretation of his thoughts and feelings. His foundation lies within drawing, much of which comes through in his painting, each piece undergoing a thorough process of analysis and scrutiny. Each composition is continuously reworked, until the piece reaches lifelike accuracy. Eisenhour highlights the beauty within individuals and works to capture each subject in their purest state, motivated by the human condition and each subject’s individuality. He hopes to provide the viewer a reality seen through his lens.

For this piece I hoped to explore the combination of graphic elements and realism. With influence coming from all directions I focused primarily on experimenting with compelling compositions, concentrating on creating something visually stimulating for the viewer. I worked on pushing the colors and values to the max, creating a vibrant interplay of hues. Also putting special attention on the use of shape and movement throughout the composition.


Glenn Stucki

Glenn Stucki

Glenn Stucki is the exhibit’s first artist with disabilities. Glenn Stucki and his partner Bart Hawkins started the nonprofit Change 4 Love. Change 4 Love is a foundation that raises funds for those in need, and inspires kids, one painting at a time. Glenn will be the featured speaker at the unveiling on the 4th.

Bee Mural

Justin Johnson, “Be the best bee you can be”

Activism fuels the art that Justin creates in visual representation as well as the choosing projects he works on. Public art is the cornerstone of my work in social change. Creating art for people in the places they live on massive scales creates waves of empowerment and stewardship over ones community. He uses the name Justified Ink for his work as a solo artist, as well as an artist group to create public art with and for the community. Above all, if this art is done with a purpose for positive change and growth, then it is Justified.

As part of the hive we all play important roles. From our work to our home and in our communities. This art serves as a reminder that there is no role above or beneath us because it’s in the roles that we live that we make a successful society. View the roles that others have with gratitude, rather than envy or disgust, and answer your own call to action with a sense duty and purpose.

Ty Davis Mural.jpg

Ty Davis