Adobe Week of Care

Wow! We are so grateful to Adobe for their Week of Care initiative. On September 12th, we had over thirty Adobe volunteers that came to the Harrington Building to help prepare for our first public art exhibit. They were incredible! We were so amazed by what we were able to accomplish with the Adobe volunteers in just three hours! We removed unwanted trees, bushes, and trash from around the building, painted sixteen 4’x8’ sanded plywood boards for the mural wall, painted over graffiti inside the building, swept and mopped floors, cleared unwanted items from three rooms in the building, prepped for our yard sale, dug and installed the spread-base footings, built the ring cage with risers using rebar, and built the 2”x4” framing for the mural wall! Everyone was so hard-working, positive, and had such energy and commitment! Thank you Adobe!

 Members of the the Board of Directors for Harrington Center of the Arts & Adobe Week of Care Volunteers

Members of the the Board of Directors for Harrington Center of the Arts & Adobe Week of Care Volunteers

Steel Days Booth

Our organization was able to participate in the 2018 Steel Days. Our booth had flyers, prizes, and information about the history of the Harrington School and about our project. The booth allowed our organization to connect with community members and raise awareness. Thank you to the city of American Fork and to the Steel Days Committee for allowing our organization to participate. 


The Harrington School Gets Some New Glass

The Harrington School has had some vandalism over the past few years and we felt it was time to give 'old hairy legs' a little fresh paint and some new glass. 

Jones Paint and Glass generously donated glass panes to our organization at their wholesale cost and Diamond Rental gave us 30% off the cost of a two-day rental of a drivable boom lift. During the four full days that we worked on the building, we were able to replace 44 vandalized and broken panes of glass as well as remove graffiti! 


We hope that our efforts will produce the following results:

  1. Minimize further weathering while we continue to develop plans for the renovation of the building into an arts center.
  2. Improve the outward aesthetic of the building for the community to enjoy.
  3. Discourage further vandalism of this historic building.

Thank you to those who volunteerd their time and labor to this project, and to our friends at Jones Paint and Glass and Diamond Rental!

Southwest Blue Room
Arched Windows
Harrington School
West Facing Harrington School